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Tubeless Sealant Syringe

Tubeless Sealant Syringe

With a 100 ml tubeless syringe, we can inject the liquid into the tire in a very comfortable and clean way, since the operation is done through the inflation valve, either a presta or schrader valve, as long as it has the removable core.

The syringe has a large capacity facilitating the process of filling the sealing liquid without tearing the tire, whether it is a MTB, Gravel or Road bike.

Syringe anti-puncture liquid sealant syringe

The syringe is used as a tubeless liquid injector to facilitate the dosage according to the size of our tire.

It includes an adapter to be able to inject the liquid sealant either in presta valve, commonly called fine valve, or in schrader, also called fat valve or car valve.

Instructions for use

The first thing to do is to position the valve at the top of the tire, in order to deflate it and prevent the tubeless liquid that may remain inside from leaking out.

Once the tire is deflated, remove the core.

We introduce the tubeless syringe in the bottle of liquid sealant and we load the amount recommended by the manufacturer according to our type of wheel.

Connect the tubeless syringe to the air valve using the appropriate adapter according to our type of valve.

We introduce the tubeless liquid little by little to avoid spills and thus not having to clean the tire.

Put the valve core back in the valve.

Inflate to the desired pressure and turn the wheel so that the liquid is distributed and plugs any pores it may have.

The wheel is now ready for use.

Cleaning the tubeless syringe

It is important to clean the tubeless syringe because if it is left with sealing liquid it can clog the dosing tube or cannula, since the latex solidifies with time.

You can use a little water, fill the tubeless syringe and expel the water with force making sure that the tubeless liquid injector is completely clean of sealing liquid.

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