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Repairing cream for adult sores

Ultra moisturizing cream for adult sore skin

We have created a regenerating cream for sores caused by intense sports practice, often sports practice such as cycling, running, trail or hiking involves repetitive and prolonged movement of certain parts of the body that damage the skin.

Post-ride or post-workout skin regenerating cream

The continuous contact of the skin with the saddle of the bicycle or a seam of the pad, the skin of the feet and the shoe during a prolonged run or walk can produce a wear on the skin that if it is not regenerated can lead to an injury.

That is why using an ointment for sores once the physical activity is over will guarantee that the affected area will be in perfect condition for the next training session.

It is a cream to regenerate damage caused by sores, dehydration, skin dryness or sun exposure and other external elements such as cold or dust that often attack the skin while practicing sports.

It is not a cream to aid in muscle recovery, for that we have a cream specially designed for that purpose –>> See cream

How to apply the Adult Chafing Cream

There are two ways to use the cream for adult sores, one is to apply it in the area that we have suffered some sporadic sores for example produced by practicing a sport to which we are not accustomed. It would be necessary to apply the ointment for sores until the skin recovers and regenerates.

And the other is to apply the cream for adult sores daily in the area since we know that it is an area prone to suffer sores due to the sport we practice.

For example, the contact area between the saddle and the cyclist, thighs and feet in runners, etc., since a moisturized skin is a healthy, strong and elastic skin. It will better withstand external aggressions and it will be much more difficult to suffer from the dreaded rashes.

The cream for adult sores serves as maintenance of the skin so that it is not damaged, regeneration of damaged skin but if we still want to have greater protection you can use a cream specially designed to prevent sores while practicing sport.

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