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Tired Legs Cream

FAQ Tired Legs Cream

We have created a cream for tired legs with cold effect and with a series of components such as arnica, menthol or wintergreen oil that act at a muscular level, but we also incorporate other oils such as hemp, collagen and amino acids to care for and moisturize the skin.

By applying the cold gel tired legs in addition to recovering the feeling of freshness in the musculature you are taking care of the skin, that improvement as a whole is what will make you feel legs fully recovered from fatigue.

Apply a little gel for tired legs with a gentle massage from the feet upwards, that is, helping the venous return. We start in the lower area or feet and apply force while massaging in the direction of the heart.

Do not apply force when lowering the hand towards the feet, as this would impair venous return.

We wait a few minutes for the tired legs cream to take effect and feel the effect of the cold that appears at its maximum between 5 and 10 minutes. If we want more cold sensation just apply more tired legs cream and massage until it is absorbed.

Be careful if you have varicose veins as the massage can be a little painful when touching that area.

We will not always have the same feeling of cold, it will depend on the state of tiredness of the legs, if we have applied gel for tired legs just after practicing sports or if it is because of wearing heels all day.

It is necessary to take the measure and sensations of the tired legs cream.

If the tiredness in the legs is very intense also a cold water bath or the application of a cold gel patch, of those that are kept in the freezer will also help us.

The cold gel tired legs pharmacy can be purchased at pharmacies, amazon or online sports stores.

It is normal to feel tired or heavy legs during pregnancy, circulation worsens, fluids are retained and the baby puts pressure on them. If on top of that it is summer, we already have the perfect cocktail.

In principle there is no problem in using cream for tired legs with cold effect, but it is always advisable to consult with your doctor because pregnancy is a very special period and every woman is different.

Depending on the month of pregnancy it can be very difficult to apply the ointment for tired legs yourself, so you should ask for help and apply cold cream for tired legs.


The cream for tired legs has no perfume, the smell is due to its natural ingredients, so it is a unisex cream that can be used by both men and women.


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