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Muscle Pain Cream

FAQ Muscle Pain Cream

The applications of a muscle cream related to sports are very varied, they are used as a muscle relaxant along with a massage, also due to its cold effect it is used as a muscle anti-inflammatory cream, cream for stiffness, back pain, neck contractures and overloads.
Always keep in mind that they are not a medicine, they are a cosmetic that helps the recovery or relief of muscle pain, so you have to see a specialist if you have a muscle injury.

It depends on the cause of the pain, if it is caused by an injury, muscle tear or fibrillar rupture would not serve as a single remedy, but must be treated by a specialist.
On the other hand, if it is a muscular pain derived from a hard bike ride or a hard weight training, then it will alleviate that annoying sensation in the musculature.

No, the ointment for muscle pain is associated with a medicine with a healing effect and a cold cream for muscle pain is a cosmetic that relieves the sensation of pain and muscle exhaustion caused by sports practice or work fatigue.

Yes, especially if you combine a heat cream before starting the exercise to warm up the muscle, and apply the muscle recovery gel with a massage at the end of the sports session, you will minimize the micro-tears of the muscle fibers and the inflammation that causes pain.

The cold itself already produces an analgesic effect, as well as arnica, butcher's broom extract or fucus algae also provide this analgesic effect.


The first thing to do if you have never tried the gel for muscle pain, is to apply a little, spread it on the desired area with a gentle massage and let it act for a few minutes.

If more cold sensation is needed, more muscle pain relief cream can be applied until the desired sensation is achieved.

Be careful because the cold sensation may arrive after several minutes.

Not all people have the same tolerance to cold, and not all muscle pain creams have the same intensity. That is why it is necessary to apply a sufficient amount to cool but without being uncomfortable.

Nor do all areas of the body have the same sensitivity to the cold produced by the muscle pain gel.

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