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Chamois Cream

FAQ Chamois Cream

The chamois cream is a cosmetic designed to prevent chafing and wounds on the skin in the area of contact between the bicycle saddle and the cyclist's body.

It is specially designed for the chamois area, although it can be used as Anti Chafing Cream Thighs and Anti Chafing Cream Feet because the vulvar area is the most delicate, but a generic anti chafing cream may not be suitable for the vulvar area.

For example, a chamois cream should not include menthol in its formulation if it is to be used by women as it can cause a very uncomfortable sensation in the genital area.A good chamois cream is much more than just applying Vaseline to the ass, it should have antibacterial and fungicidal properties, as a hair that is pulled out by the friction of the chamois can lead to a hair follicle that becomes infected, turning into a boil or abscess.

The Migou Bcn pad cream not only protects against friction, but also, thanks to its essential oils such as Rosemary or Cypress, will help you to avoid possible skin infections such as the dreaded pimples or boils.

The Migou Bcn pad cream not only protects against friction, but also, thanks to its essential oils such as Rosemary or Cypress, will help you to avoid possible skin infections such as the dreaded pimples or boils.

The chamois cream is applied on the skin of the area of the body that is in contact with the saddle just before riding a bicycle.

It is not applied directly on the chamois to economize, only in case of big routes like the Titan Desert we would apply it on the chamois and on the skin.

Vaseline sports, ointment for cyclists or gel for chamois is put on all the points of the body that can suffer chafing due to constant repetitive movement.

Normally it should be applied to the entire contact area between the saddle and the body, the groin, the seam areas of the shorts and the feet (greatly forgotten).

Each person is different and depending on the equipment they wear, it can vary a bit, for example there are helmets that can cause chafing.

Following a few simple steps will minimize the risk of chafing:

- Wear clothing designed for high quality cycling, especially cycling shorts.

- Do not use underwear combined with cycling shorts.

- Correct intimate hygiene.

- Moisturized skin with creams such as Migou Bcn Moisturizing Cream.

- Use of cream for the chamois.

- Exfoliation of the area to remove dead and dry skin.

- Healing and regenerating the skin if we have suffered a chafing.

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Migou Bcn chamois cream is different from anything else on the market, since in its natural state the texture is semi-solid.

This is due to the use of natural butters and oils, which at room temperature, especially in cold weather, have a consistency similar to butter or ice cream.

Once in contact with the body temperature, they acquire a fluid texture, which allows them to moisturize the skin and act as a lubricant.

This is designed to maintain the lubricating effect for as long as possible, with the possibility of leaving traces of cream once the sports activity is over.

In addition to acting as a lubricant, it moisturizes the skin thanks to essential oils such as hemp seed oil, which acts without clogging the pores, thus allowing the skin to sweat naturally.

It also prevents the appearance of pimples and boils due to the fungicidal and bactericidal effects of cypress and rosemary oil.

Do not confuse the baby ass ointment with the cycling irritation cream.

Migou Bcn chamois cream is unisex, as it does not contain menthol, a very common ingredient in chamois cream and that can be very annoying for women, the chamois cream will be in contact with the intimate area and can be very itchy if it contains menthol.

For the same reason we do not use petroleum jelly, which is a petroleum derivative or hormones, not very advisable for the intimate area.

The main function is that of a lubricant, both Vaseline and chamois cream are lubricants.
But a high quality chamois cream is antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal.
Vaseline does not wash well off the pad, it traps bacteria and microbes.
That is why it is better to use a chamois cream than petroleum jelly.

In Migou Bcn we have designed what we believe is the best cream for chamois, thinking of a use in both women and men.

Choosing the ingredients that best fulfill the function of lubricating, moisturizing and protecting the skin of the chamois area.

The chamois cream is used to prevent chafing caused by the bicycle saddle, and if it is a high quality chamois cream, it prevents infections in hair follicles caused by broken or pulled out hairs.

Before seeing what kind of pain you suffer in the ass, you must make sure that the bike is properly adjusted to your body, if you perform a bikefitting much better.
The saddle has to have a correct height, setback and inclination.
If you still suffer from pain when the bike is adjusted, it may be for these reasons:
- Muscle pain: You lack training, keep cycling and little by little it will pass.
- Butt pain without injuries, like a blow: It is because you are new to pedaling or because you have done a very long route, keep training.
- Chafing: It may be due to dry skin, new clothes, or a very long route. You can use chamois cream to minimize chafing.

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