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Chafing cream

FAQ Chafing Cream

It is a cosmetic either in cream, ointment or stick designed to protect the skin from chafing and blisters caused by friction.

Either skin against skin, or an external element such as a sock or shoe that rubs against the skin.

The 3 main types of uses of the anti chafing cream are:

Cycling chamois cream

Anti chafing cream thigh

Anti Chafing Cream Feet

In addition in Migo Bcn we have a cold effect cream and a regenerating cream, which are perfect as a complement to the anti chafing cream.

Yes and No, since there are creams designed for specific areas of the body that may not be suitable for other parts of the body.

For example, an anti-friction cream with menthol if used near the female genital area and comes into contact with that area can be very itchy, while it can be pleasant for the feet.

Any part of the body is understood to be friction zones, not the eyes for example.

Perhaps the most convenient format is in stick but we believe that the most hygienic and economical format is in jar, since the stick is in direct contact with the skin whereas with the jar you extract the product and apply it on the skin.

Keeping the product cleaner and more hygienic.

No, but being different products, they fulfill the same or very similar function.

The difference is that they usually have different densities and components.

In Migou Bcn we manufacture all our products in Spain following strict controls with European regulations.

In addition to having the support of experts in cosmetics, our products are tested by elite athletes who give us their feedback so we can improve day by day.

For example, the anti-friction cream has been tested in the toughest races in the world, such as the Titan Desert, the Hawaii Ironma or the Marathon des Sables.

And not only elite athletes are protagonists, but we attend any user who wants to share with us their feelings and thus be able to offer a product of higher quality every day.

There are several types of anti chafing creams according to their specific use.

Cycling chamois cream: It is used to protect the entire area in contact with the saddle, being in contact with the genital area it is the most restrictive in the ingredients used. A chamois cream can be used on any part of the body, a general anti chafing cream may not be used as a chamois cream.

Anti Chafing Cream Thighs: Used to prevent chafing caused by touching one thigh to the other in the crotch and groin area, this problem usually appears in bodybuilding or overweight people.

Anti Chafing Foot Cream: Many times when trekking, hiking such as the Camino de Santiago or running or ultra trail races we can suffer from chafing or blisters on the feet that can be avoided by using an anti chafing cream.

We have several sports creams that are complementary to the practice of cycling.

Cold effect cream: It is used to recover the musculature and relax the muscles after sports or a long working day.

Repairing cream for adult sores: It is an ultra moisturizing cream that regenerates the skin from the damages suffered by the practice of sports.

Within the anti chafing creams we can find cycling chamois cream, anti chafing thigh cream and foot anti chafing cream.

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