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Sports Creams

Specific sports creams

There are numerous types of ointments or creams for athletes that we could divide into two large families, medicines and sports cosmetics, among the medicine type creams we can find the anti-inflammatory cream for athletes, the ointment for tennis elbow and ultimately the cream for sports injuries.

The other big family is the sports cosmetics, where we find a variety of creams and gels focused on sports.

In Migou Bcn we have the following sports creams:

Anti Chafing Cream

Cold effect gel

Regenerating moisturizing cream

There are some creams for athletes that are used before practicing sports or pre-training cream, such as creams to warm up muscles and serve to prepare the muscle before starting to work.

You can also use an after-sports cream or post-workout cream to calm and relax the muscle.

But there are many more types of sports creams, for example crossfit hand cream, barrier cream for swimmers, anti-slip cream for pole dancing and of course deodorant cream for sports.

All these sports creams have a specific function but they must also resist sweat, water and dust that can be caused by the sport practiced.They must also be anti-doping, as there may be elements in the cream that give positive results, imagine that a cyclist before a race applies a heat cream for athletes and this cream includes a very common substance in the "normal" cosmetics but that alters the tests that athletes pass.

Imagine a runner who wins an Olympic medal and has used a cream to warm up muscles before running with cbd and in the control test appears positive.

The practice of sports has specific needs with respect to cosmetics, such as the use with sweat, sun, salt water.

An ointment for sportsmen, for example, that minimizes the possible wounds produced by a neoprene on the neck of an open water swimmer, must be a salt water resistant cream. The same type of cream used on the thighs when a woman wears a skirt and suffers small wounds when one thigh is in contact with the other does not have to be resistant to salt water.

It could be said that almost all creams and cosmetics for normal use exist for sports use, but they could be divided into 3 large groups.

Creams for before training, creams for use during sport and creams for after sport.

Normally the aim is to increase performance, for example by recovering the muscle quickly using a Cold Effect Cream, or regenerate skin that has suffered chafing with a repairing cream for adult sores or better still to prevent chafing with an Anti-Chafing Cream.

An anti-chafing cream is the equivalent of a bike lubricant but for the body.

There is even make-up for sports use.

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