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Migou Bcn History

The Migou Bcn brand started as a result of a family cyclotourism trip many years ago.

On that trip we bought several chamois creams in Girona and none of them were comfortable for the two girls on the expedition.

They had menthol in them and we had a good laugh at the itchiness it gave them.

As a result of that, and due to my wife’s experience (she works in the cosmetics sector) and my experience working in the cycling sector, we decided to create Migou Bcn.

The first product was a cream suitable for women

This product was not created with economic benefits in mind, but to offer a generalist cream that everyone would like but not very effective.

We created a cream with natural oilsand butters, especially for girls.

Because if they are doing well, the boys are doing well too, which is not the case the other way around.

Many samples were created by a chemical designer specialized in cosmetics and the cream that gave the best result was chosen, in addition to my daughter and my wife, we had the opinion of 15 other people.

A total of 5 boys and 12 girls.

This is how the project started.

Following this first product, we have been creating more cosmetic and maintenance products.

All created with the same philosophy.

All our articles have been designed by us and manufactured in Spain.

We have two different ranges of products, one dedicated to the maintenance of the bike, whether it is a Mtb, Gravel, Fixie or Bmx, and the other focused on the rider, with personal care products.

We also have an outlet area or seasonal promotions where you can find the best deals of the moment, both in spare parts for the bike and in body care items.

We are always thinking ahead and designing new products and components to improve performance on the bike.

Our website and amazon are the only places where you can find Migou Bcn products.

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