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How to repair tubeless puncture

With the arrival and popularization of tubeless tires, punctures have been drastically reduced, but they still happen from time to time and it is necessary to know how to repair a tubeless tire and the different types of tubeless punctures that you can suffer on the bike, whether it is road, mtb or gravel

There are several types of puncture and not all are repaired the same, so we are going to detail each type of puncture and how to repair it.

Nor should a tubeless puncture be treated the same on a Mtb or on a road bike, since the tire pressures and the terrain on which it is ridden are very different.

How to repair tubeless Mtb or Gravel puncture

It is rare to see a Mtb or Gravel that does not use tubeless wheels, the advantages are several, it punctures much less and can be ridden at much lower pressures without the danger of the dreaded pinching.

But even though it is a very good system, punctures, air leaks and cuts continue to be suffered. strong .

Repair puncture tubeless mtb – Skewers and brambles

The normal thing is that if we carry the tubeless liquid in good condition and with a sufficient quantity we do not suffer punctures, at least punctures and micro-punctures caused by spikes, brambles and small stones.

It is very normal to suffer this type of puncture several times in one outing, especially if we ride through areas with spikes but we will not even realize it since it repairs itself using tubeless fluid.

It is easy to spot these punctures as wet spots will be visible on the tyre.

Repair side cut tire

A tire cracked on the side is already a more important fault, neither the wicks nor the tubeless liquid are going to be able to seal the cut.

A cut on the sidewall of the tire is more of a problem to repair than a cut or hole in the tread.

The tire’s own pressure on the tread makes a small hole or cut tend to close, so the use of wicks is possible in considerable cuts in the tread.

But to fix a cut on the sidewall of a tubeless tire you need to use a Tubeless Vulcanized Repair Kit.

With the cold vulcanized tubeless kit we rebuild the tire with new rubber and at the same time it is sealed, this repair provides rigidity and sufficient elasticity to withstand the flanking of the Mtb or Gravel tire.

The good thing about using the cold vulcanized tubeless kitis that there is no need to remove the wheel from the bicycle or break the bead, the repair is done outside the tire and in 10 minutes.

You can see how to use the tubeless repair kit here >>>>>>>>> See Tubeless Repair Kit

Fix tubeless mtb puncture – Medium holes and cuts.

There is a type of tubeless puncture that the tubeless sealant cannot seal and due to its size we can seal it with wicks instead of using the cold vulcanized tubeless kit.

They are normally small cuts or holes that occur in the tread.

You can fix the puncture in tubeless very easily using a wick, an operation that will not take more than 10 minutes, being clean and cheap.

bike puncture wicks

Repair tire cut side too large

If we are unlucky enough to slash the tubeless tire of an MTB, the cut is very large and we need to continue in the race or follow the route, we will need to combine the wicks and the tubeless kit by cold vulcanizing.

What you have to do is fill the cut with the solution of the cold vulcanized tubeless kit, add the rubber powder, quicklyintroduce pieces of roving filling the entire cut and let dry.

Once it is dry, we cut the excess roving so that it is at the level of the tire and we reapply the tubeless kit by cold vulcanizing as the instructions say.

If we want to use that tire until it wears out, once at home we would have to disassemble it and apply the tubeless kit by cold vulcanization on the inside to ensure that it is sealed.

How to repair tubeless road puncture

We already see many road bikes that mount tubeless and it will get more and more.

The tire is not exactly cheap, so you have to know how to repair it to be able to take advantage of it until the end of its useful life.

Types of punctures and repair methods for road tubeless tires

Micro punctures in road tubeless

Using tubeless on road bikes, it is normal for there to be small punctures during the route that the tubeless liquid will seal and we will not even realize that they occur, that is why it is important to fill up the tubeless liquid.

A high quality tubeless fluidwill seal holes and cuts of considerable size, but with the flank of the tire when going through bumps, if the hole or cut is very large it can lose air.

That is why it is advisable to use other methods to seal larger punctures.

Medium size tubeless road punctures

We can also suffer larger punctures where the tubeless fluid is no longer capable of plugging the punctureand we will need to either put an internal tube or use wicks for bike punctures.

These punctures are obvious because the tire will deflate and we will not be able to continue pedaling.

bike puncture wicks

If we can repair tubeless with wicks, much better than putting a tube, because if we cut the tire to put the tube, everything will get dirty with the tubeless liquid.

Using wicks to repair punctures in tubeless road tires is very simple.

You have to locate the puncture, which is sure to be seen quickly since it is where the tubeless fluid comes out.

And using the tool or punch for wicks, insert a wick through the hole, if they do not fit, the hole will have to be made larger.

The wick should have a part inside the wheel and a part outside.

Once we have the fuse in place we can inflate the wheel and continue the route.

Between the wick and the tubeless liquid, the hole will be completely sealed and we can continue using that tire until the end of its useful life.

Large punctures or cuts in road tubeless tire

And lastly and most seriously, it is to suffer a cut in the road tubeless tire.

To fix a cracked road tubeless puncture there are many inventions by the MacGyver type network, but none of them allow you to use that tire until it wears out.

Fixing a cracked tire only has 3 permanent solutions, one is to put an inner tube and hope it doesn’t come out through the cut, another is to take another spare tire and change it, being a very good but expensive solution.

And finally and the most economical and at the same time effective way is to use the Tubeless Repair Kit by cold vulcanization.

A tubeless road tire can be repaired in 10 minutes using the Tubeless Repair Kit by cold vulcanizing, you just have to keep in mind that in tubeless road tires, for safety we must use an inner tube to use the tire until the end of its life. useful life.

As an emergency repair, the tubeless road tire can be repaired to get home, but we must be careful when going downhill at high speed if we have not used a chamber.

This is so since the road tire works under high pressure and has little air volume, so if you do not do the repair well and failure can be dangerous, this does not happen in MTB or Gravel.

We can leave that road tire for the roller or use it with an inner tube, so there will be no danger,since on the road the speed can be very high and a blowout in a curve going down a pass can be dangerous.

If you are interested in seeing how to use the tubeless kit you can read instructions here >>>>>> How to use Tubeless Kit

Frequently asked questions about repairing tubeless wheels

Can a slashed bike tire be repaired?

Yes, a cracked tubeless tire can be fixed using the Migou Bcn Tubeless Repair Kit, it is a simple repair that is done in 10 minutes and does not require disassembling the wheel or breaking the bead.
Also, if done correctly, it is a permanent repair that will allow you to use the tire until the end of its life.

Why does my tubeless wheel lose air?

All tubeless wheels lose air, that is normal, but it is normal that the tubeless has to be inflated once a week, if it is more often there is a problem.

When the tubeless tire deflates very quickly, it is usually because it loses air through the head of the spokes due to a poor condition of the tubeless tape (a wrinkle) or due to the inflation valve, either due to the core being dirty or due to the rubber gasket.

A tubeless ready rim is not sealed like tubeless rims, but rather is tubed.
Tubeless tape and tubeless fluid are used to seal spoke holes and pores.

How to repair tubeless ready puncture?

A puncture in tubeless ready is repaired in the same way as a puncture in a tubeless tire.

Can a tubeless tire be repaired with a patch?

No, the patch is used to repair the internal chamber, it is not prepared to suffer rolling wear and the elastic movements that the tire suffers.

How to avoid puncturing on a bicycle?

If you use tubeless or tubeless ready, the best way to avoid punctures is to use reinforced tires, especially on the sides and always carry the tubeless fluid in good condition and with the recommended amount.

Flat tire without puncture bike

It is normal for the tubeless wheel to lose a little air and especially if we don’t use it, since the tubeless fluid goes down and the micro leaks don’t have the strength to drag the fluid out.

So little by little air is lost.

Can a side puncture be fixed?

Yes, both a puncture and a cut on the lateral flank can be fixed without problem using the Cold Vulcanized Tubeless Repair Kit.

Why do bicycle tires deflate without being punctured?

All the wheels lose a bit of air since they are not completely watertight and especially the tubeless ready, it is not a problem that once a week we have to replenish air.

On the other hand, it would be a problem if we had to put air on a daily basis.

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