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Analysis and Comparison Decathlon Anti-Scratch Cream

crema antifricción decathlon

anti-chafing creams to compare In this comparison I will test Decathlon thigh chafe cream, Decathlon thigh chafe stick and Migoubcn thigh chafe cream, I will analyze the extreme performance for sports, daily use, price and performance. Comparison video Decathlon anti chafing cream vs Stick vs Migoubcn comparative summary Price comparison Cream application performance comparison video … Read more

How to use graphene wax lubricant

The wax lubricant with graphene is used in the same way as any wax lubricant, but it is necessary to use less quantity because the graphene once it fills the micro craters of the metal will remain on the surface and it is material that we waste and at the same time you can see … Read more

How to use Migou Bcn antifriction cream

We have created a cream to prevent skin chafing caused by intensive sports practice, whether cycling, running or any other sport. It can be used on any part of the body, even for women in the area of contact with the saddle, as it does not contain menthol or vaseline. It is for external use, … Read more

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