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Analysis and Comparison Decathlon Anti-Scratch Cream

I just went to buy the famous anti-friction cream and the anti chafing stick from Decathlon, both Aptonia brand products, because I want to make an in-depth comparison between anti chafing creams.


This type of product together with sunscreens are the most used for summer and hot days.

Purpose and use of antifriction cream

The main purpose of an antifriction cream is to prevent rubbing of the skin against skin or against a piece of clothing or shoe, but this could be achieved with a simple petroleum jelly, it is cheap and prevents chafing normally produced during sports practice.

Or, for example, to avoid rubbing the thighs or other parts of the body in summer, due to overweight or when wearing a skirt.

At least I look for much more in an anti-redness cream that a pure vaseline does not give me, especially that it is as natural as possible and that the effect lasts on the skin.

anti-chafing creams to compare

In this comparison I will test Decathlon thigh chafe cream, Decathlon thigh chafe stick and Migoubcn thigh chafe cream, I will analyze the extreme performance for sports, daily use, price and performance.

decathlon anti-scratch cream

Decathlon Anti Scratch

migou bcn antifriction cream

Migoubcn Anti-Scratch Cream

decathlon anti-scratch stick

Decathlon anti-scratch stick

Comparison video Decathlon anti chafing cream vs Stick vs Migoubcn

comparative summary

decathlon antifriction

6’99/ 100ml

The cheapest

Easy application

Low yields

Not very portable

Score 6,5

21,97 Iva IncluidoAdd to cart

migoubcn- In jar with lid

21,97€ / 250 ml

The most technical and complete

The most durable

Less comfortable application

Low-portable jar

Score 8.9

21,97 Iva IncluidoAdd to cart

decathlon stick chafing

5’99 / 25 grams

The most convenient to apply

The most portable

The most expensive

Product breaks

21,97 Iva IncluidoAdd to cart

What I look for in an anti-scratch cream:

  • Make it as natural as possible for day-to-day use.
  • Allow the area to perspire or sweat.
  • Be effective during long days of sports or use.
  • Avoid the appearance of pimples and chafing.
  • Suitable for use in sports activities.
  • Use with dress clothes, do not stain.
  • Can be used on delicate areas such as genitals.

What I DON’T want in an anti-scratch cream:

  • With menthol (especially if it may come into contact with the female genital area).
  • Containing hormones or petroleum derivatives. (petroleum jelly)
  • Be suitable for both women and men.
  • Stains on clothes or not washed properly.

Price comparison

Prices Anti-Rash Cream per 100ml

  • Decathlon anti-scratch cream: 6’99€.
  • Decathlon anti-scratch stick: 23,96€.
  • Migoubcn anti-scratch: 8’78€.

Type of anti-scratch product packaging

  • Decathlon anti chafing cream: 100ml tube
  • Decathlon anti-scratch stick: Stick 25gr
  • Migoubcn anti chafing cream: 250ml jar

Unit price of product in store

  • Decathlon anti chafing cream 100ml: 6’99 Euros
  • Decathlon antifriction stick 25ml: 5,99 Euros
  • Migoubcn anti chafing cream 250ml: 21,97 Euros

5gr and 2h performance test on the skin

  • Decathlon anti-scratch cream: Completely disappears.
  • Decathlon antifriction stick 25ml: There is very little product left.
  • Migoubcn chafing cream 250ml: There is still product left and it is still effective.

Cream application performance comparison video

Performance Winner: Migoubcn Cream

Comparison of texture, odor and feel

Type of texture when leaving the package

  • Decathlon chafing cream: Creamy texture at room temperature.
  • Decathlon anti-chafing roll on: Solid texture at room temperature.
  • Migoubcn chafing cream: Semi-solid texture at room temperature.

Product odor type

  • Smell of Decathlon anti-friction cream: A small undefined odor is barely perceptible.
  • Decathlon anti-friction stick odor: No odor.
  • Smell of Migoubcn antifriction cream: Fresh smell of essential oils, especially cypress.

Type of feel once applied to the skin

  • Decathlon anti-scratch: Dry touch
  • Decathlon chafing stick: Oily touch
  • Anti chafing Migoubcn: Dry touch

Opinions on youtube about anti chafing creams

Uses of Decathlon and Migoubcn anti-scratch cream

migou bcn antifriction cream

It may come into contact with the female genital area as it will be applied in an area that will be at high temperatures, especially in summer, poorly ventilated, humid due to sweating and closed during many hours of pedaling.

It protects against aggressions produced by the bicycle saddle and repetitive movement and especially minimizes the appearance of pimples (boils) produced by the infection of a hair follicle.

It is a cream suitable for girls, fungicidal, bactericidal and with a long-lasting effect.

As it is intended for use in the area in contact with the bicycle saddle, which would be the most restrictive, it can be used on the crotch, nipples, armpits, neck, feet and thighs.

Use Migoubcn anti-scratch cream.

decathlon anti-scratch cream

The decathlon chafing cream according to its own website is indicated for sports, is resistant to sweat and water portegiendo skin chafing, blisters and irritation.

It is suitable for the neck, crotch, armpits and feet, does not stain clothes and leaves no residue.

– Use Decathlon anti-scratch cream

decathlon anti-scratch stick

Anti-chafing cream stick designed to prevent chafing on the following parts of the body: neck, nipples, armpits, crotch, thighs.

Enjoy sports without chafing, irritation or blisters, our anti-chafing cream stick protects the skin and is easy to apply without dirtying your hands.

– Use Decathlon anti-scratch stick

You can also read the analysis and comparison of Mercadona’s anti-chafing cream.

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