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Tubeless Repair Kit

Tubeless Bike Tire Repair Kit for MTB and Road Bicycle Tires

It is a system for repairing punctures or significant cuts in tubeless bicycle tires. It is an essential product that we must carry in our backpacks because it can save us from pushing the bike home.

It is not equivalent to the tubeless wicks since the vulcanized tubeless kit can repair significant cuts, and the wicks cannot.

The tire plugger kit is used to repair cuts in tubeless tires and standard tires that use tubes. Likewise, several types of punctures are possible in a tubeless tire with different suitable solutions.

Several types of punctures are possible in a tubeless tire with different suitable solutions. In addition, it is not necessary to remove the wheel or damage the tire.

This type of puncture is essential, and we notice it because the tubeless liquid cannot seal it or a lot of air has been lost.
Usually, the tire deflates and forces us to stop and repair the tubeless tire. However, if we have a tire plugger kit with wicks, we can fix it swiftly and comfortably.
Insert the wick through the hole in the tire, and as it is made of very soft rubber, it will seal it. Unfortunately, the wicks cannot fill cuts or huge holes. This type of puncture is not very common if we use good-quality tires.
If we do not have a tubeless repair kit, we will have to put in an inner tube to repair the puncture. Unfortunately, putting an inner tube in a wheel with tubeless liquid is a nuisance.
If we don’t have a tubeless tire repair kit or an inner tube, we will have to push the bike home.

A large cut in the tire rarely happens, but if it does, there are only two possible solutions. First, scratches usually occur on the tire’s sidewalls, usually caused by a sharp stone or a stick that cuts the tire’s sidewall as it passes through.
You realize that you have suffered a significant puncture because the tire is immediately emptied of air, and the liquid leaks out. Likewise, it all depends on the size of the cut. If you put an inner tube, a bubble can come out of the tube through the amount and puncture again.
The solution before the tubeless repair kit was to carry a spare tire. Then, you could find an emergency solution, such as putting a piece of plastic inside, the Visa or the ID card, to get home. However, these problems are over with the tubeless repair kit. The tubeless repair kit can repair large cracks in the tire.
In addition, a cracked tire repaired with the best tubeless tire repair kit can continue to be used until its final wear. It can be used on mtb, Gravel, and road.

If we need to use the tubeless road repair kit, it is not advisable to use this tire usually. Road bike tires work at high pressure, so we will only use them for emergency repair.
Once you arrive at your destination, the tire must be replaced by a new one, and you can use it on a road bike.

It is possible to use a repaired tire with the tubeless repair kit on mtb and gravel until the end of its useful life. In the video below, I show you that I suffered a cut on an mtb ride and was able to repair it.
That tire was new, and I will continue to use it until it’s time to replace it due to wear.
The tire cost me 85€, so it is a crucial saving not having to throw it away because I can repair it with the vulcanized mtb kit.

The operation of the tubeless repair kit is straightforward. The tubeless puncture repair kit comes in a plastic box that includes a small bottle of liquid and a small rubber bag with the powder.
It may not be as glamorous as a tubeless handlebar repair kit, which uses wicks, but it is more effective for cuts and cracks.

You should follow these steps

Locate and clean the cut in the tubeless tire

It is the first thing to do. The tubeless liquid does not interfere with the effectiveness of the best tubeless repair kit. But it is better to clean it a little, even if it is by hand or with a piece of paper.

Adding the solvent liquid

Add solvent liquid to inside the cut if possible and to the outside, covering a little of the tire without a scratch.

Adding rubber powder

Add some rubber powder inside the cut and cover all the solvent liquid on the outside. With the hand, we can move the rubber to impregnate well, but better with gloves, or we will stain and wait 3 minutes.

Adding more solvent liquid

Add more solvent liquid again, but this time on top of the rubber powder.

Adding more rubber powder

We put more rubber powder again on top of the solvent liquid. So now we wait 4 minutes for all the mixture we have used to solidify well. And now we can inflate the tire and use it.

The final trick for using the tubeless repair kit

In principle, just applying the tubeless repair kit on the outside of the tire is enough. But we will have lost all the tubeless liquid, and we will have to replace it when we get home.
We can take advantage and repeat the cold vulcanization on the inside of the tire. This way, we are doubly safe, and we can wear out the tire without problems.


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